SCC Engine:
   SCC stands for Search, Compare, and Contrast of multiple documents
   It is specially designed to cope with complexity of regulatory documents
   Aplix Research has built the following websites for different professionals
   Please visit for IP professionals on US patent laws and rules
   Please visit for health related regulatory documents
   Please visit for environmental regulatory Bills
   Please visit for pension area and tax related legal documents

   Aplix Research has developed a web based tool DPMA (Dynamic PROJECT MANAGEMENT AID)
   DPMA is for large project management which must review and approve hundreds of documents
   DPMA provides a portal that allows electronic review and comment of project documents
   DPMA provides Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) which tracks every requirement in a contract
   DPMA provides a facility that allows the review and tracing of all trouble tickets in the project
   The maintenance and training of the DPMA can be included

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