TECHNICAL TRAINING IN Information Security:
   Design, Review and implement of Security Policy
   Cryptography with Symmetric and Asymmetric Algorithms
   Server Side Security and Web Server Security
   Client Side Security with browsers
   Document Privacy with Encryption
   The Complexity of PKI Implementation
   The SSL Protocol
   Remote Maintenance of a Web Server
   The RSA Algorithm
   Operating Systems Security Issues
   Security Risk Assessment and Tools   

   Software Development In UNIX/Linux Environment
   Rapid Prototyping With Shell Programming
   C Programming
   UNIX/LINUX System Level Development Using System Calls
   UNIX/LINUX Operating System Internals: File Systems, Kernel, IPC
   UNIX/LINUX Installation And Configuration
   UNIX/LINUX Administration And System Maintenance

TECHNICAL TRAINING IN Internet/Web Development:
   Web Page Design Using HTML Protocol
   Web Application Using CGI & Perl Programming
   Apache Web Server Configuration and Set up
   Net Work Configuration For Home LAN And Intranet Web Applications
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